Sunday, January 2, 2011


"You can't be creative when you're completely happy."  - P!nk

P!nk....She is an AMAZING singer and she is also my favorite singer and not only that, but she is my Idol!!  You can tell from the quote above that she speaks the truth in everything she does.  She has experienced so much in her life and went through so much crap and talks about it in her songs.  I think P!nk is the only artist that I can relate to most and thats why I love her.  Its not possible for her to write a bad song cause its always the truth and she isn't fake like a lot of people.  She is so under rated for what she does and its sad that people dont give her enough credit.  

She is such an iconic figure and you could say that is because she is such a bad-ass and has an attitude that allows her not to care about what people say about her and if somebody did say something, she always stands up for herself and fights back and she is pregnant now so she is going to be an incredible parent and im already jealous of her child.  

It was inevitable that I had to dedicate at least one of my posts to P!nk.  I just cant help myself when it comes to her.  I am trying very hard to contain myself from talking way to much about her and making me look like a big freak.  I think we will leave it at me being a HUGE fan.  

Mark =) x

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