Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't We All Want More Hair To Mess With!!!

A celebrity is any well-known TV or movie star who looks like he/she spends more than two hours working on their hair.  ~Steve Martin

I have to say that I dont agree with Steve Martin on the above because what im about to talk about proves otherwise.  EXTENSIONS.....Everyone wonders what they would look like with longer hair and people always try to grow their hair to try and figure it all out, but extensions offer an easier but more expensive way out.  But we are not all suited to longer hair.  Also, extensions dont suit everyone and by that I mean women because lets face it....I haven't heard of any men getting them.  Have you?  I have seen a number of women with hair extensions and they suit some and not others.  Judging by the amount of money some celebrities have I would have thought that they could afford a good set of extensions but photos prove otherwise.  It may seem like im being mean in this post but im not.  Im just pointing out some celebrities failures towards their hair.  

I am shocked and embarrassed for Fergie here.  The dead end of her hair are clearly visible without they being pointed out.  Extensions would have suit her because she has the character for them but this was just yet  another fail for Fergie. 

We then have Britney Spears....

Like if I was her bodyguard, I would not let her leave the house like that.  Im not surprised she is hiding her head in shame here.  There was no need for her to get hair extensions in the first place.  Im thinking that she was so embarrassed by this disaster that she HAD to go shave her hair off.  BUT...we still love you Britney.  Just hurry up with the new album.  

I LOVE Cheryl Cole, so when she got hair extensions I wasnt that worried because she is able to work them to suit her.  But then again, she has had times that they dont suit her.

I rather Cheryl with shorter hair as it suits her better.  I just think that she looks older with the longer hair and it doesn't suit her facial structure.  

Having finished complain about the failures of these celebrities, I did find a woman that hair extensions suit quite well.  Im lucky enough to have pictures of the before and after stages of the procedure.  I would like to thank Redz hairdressers in Portlaoise for these.  I have to say that the longer hair suits this woman much more than the shorter hair does so FINALLY....a success.  



When I was in Spain a couple of years ago I heard that hair extensions was the hair from a horses tail and I wasnt impressed by that.  But these extensions are 100% real spainish hair, THANKFULLY.  She use to have the clip in extensions but they are to much hassle so she opted for the glued in extensions.  These are glued in from the ends of the original hair.  I might aswell tell you that this woman is my mother because that would explain a lot.  

My mam is a hairdresser junkie so im thinking thats where I get it from.  She is obsessed with her hair so I definitely got that gene.  But back to the can see for yourself that the extensions suit her.  They are not out of place and the color is even the same.  The length also suits her facial structure.  Extensions are only supposed to last around 3 months but if you look after them then you can get up to 8 months out of them.  But only expect to get up to 8 months out of them if you use a soft nylon brush on them because any other will be too hard on the extensions and possibly pull them out.  Once they are looked after, you can straighten and curl them, among others.  Also, when you wash them...its best to let them dry out themselves...the heat from a hair dryer can destroy the extensions completely.  

IN OTHER NEWS.....I went home-home for the first time in like 5 weeks this weekend and I was spoiled of course but the following picture made my weekend and it has just put a huge smile on my face.  This is Buster...the third of my 3 King Charles.  He is ADORABLE.  Thanks for reading.  

Mark =) x

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