Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Direction...

"Theres Glitter In Your Hair"

Hey guys.  I have decided to bring this blog in a new direction, hence the makeover.  Recently I have cut my own hair and others hair and I found myself enjoying it.  Surprisingly I did not mess anything up.  So I was thinking that I want to experiment with people that are willing to let me cut their hair.  I shall give my advice on their hair and then suggest something new and see if your up for it.  I would love to experiment with your hair so drop me a email and we will talk.  Of course im not a hairdresser but I think that I have enough experience with my own hair to know what I am doing.  The blog will continue to do what it has been doing best by continuing to talk about many, many hairstyles.  

Lady GaGa's new single "Born This Way" was released on Friday and I loved her eye make up on the single artwork so I had to give it a try.  Not quite as good though.  But anyway, My hair I did myself.  I did the undercut myself.  Also, I put the grey in myself and style it myself, varying from day to day.  

Here we have Stephen from Stiches, Fabric and Soul.  Check out his blog.  Very intriguing, but not as good as mine of course.  I shall feature better photos of what I did later but for now these will be fine.  Its just to give you an idea.  Slightly different from the undercut is the "V cut".  Its the kind of hairstyle that you need to be confident cutting or else it wont be nice.  It suits him very well as I will show you in the near future.  

the introduction to my new direction is now concluded, just thought I would let you all know.  Talk soon.

Mark =) x

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