Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rihanna's Influence...

Beauty draws us with a single hair.  ~Alexander Pope

There are many hairstyle icons out there, I mean the list is endless and hairstyles come and go just like fashion comes and goes but likewise, they always come back into fashion.  The CURLY FAUX HAWK is a style that is very much coming into style now even though it has been coming and going for the past couple of years, it just never stuck.  I couldn't come across the origins of the hairstyle and when I think of people with curls in their hair I just think of Marylin Monroe.  It certainly didn't come from her, so im going to credit Rihanna for this one.  

The style reached the public eye through her video for "Rude Boy" and it caught on in the later stages of 2010.  It is such an interesting hairstyle.  Like you would not get bored of looking at it and you dont have to have long hair to achieve it.  How to achieve it will be at the end of this post.  I love curling my hair and messing with it but I haven't mastered a curler yet but I hope you have better luck if you do attempt it.  BUT....Make sure you have loads of volume in it.  I adore hair that has volume.  The shaved sides allow the curls on the top to stand out and it really shows how beautiful Rihanna is.  This is one of my favorite Hairstyles by Rihanna and its a shame she didn't keep it for long enough. 

As you can see above, I didn't succeed so well at curling my hair but I shall keep trying.  The curly faux hawk is coming back into the music industry again and by somebody that I am not a huge fan of.  But thats just my opinion, but I will say that I quiet like her style in these photos.  

Cher Llyod is not copying Rihanna completely but we see where see got her idea from.  I will give her credit for the simple fact that she has developed her hairstyle at the back for it to look like a full head mowhawk.  But she is not gonna get credit from me for her singing...anybody agree??  Rihanna has also had influence on people around Dublin.  Meadhbh supports Rihannas hairstyle very well.  She was influenced by the "Rude Boy" video and does the style herself, so credit goes to her for attempting it.  It suits her just as well as it did Rihanna. you want to attempt it??  I suggest you go for it.  What have you got to lose??  Check out the video below and see if you can do it.  I apologies for the bad quality of the video.  I would have made one myself but im sure I would have done something wrong and embarrassed myself.  Thank you for getting this far!!! 

Mark =) x

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