Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Queen of Pinups…




Jet black hair, blue eyes and bangs which has become hertrademark, Bettie Page has influenced many artists and people as I sawtoday.  Becoming a model because you hada fetish for it is pretty impressive and then becoming the queen of pinups…Iwould say she is quite a successful lady and role model.



The image of Bettie Page right???  I love that her blunt fringe and red hairbandadd to the likability of her image.  Hermake up reminds me of “Moulin Rouge” in a minimalistic way.  Also, the Red hairband works so well with thejet black hair.  Apart from looking likeBettie Page, see also looks like Liv Tyler from the “Lord Of The Rings”, sheshould be proud.

Mark =) x

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Retro-Ness Of It All...





Shaving one side of your head seems to be a regular occurrencethis spring.  It’s so warm out so whynot.  The more hair you have, the hotter you’regoing to get.  This style reminds me ofone of my favourite signers, Robyn. Check her out if you haven’t already heard her.  It is a very summery style.  A quiff thrown over to the side creates agorgeous style.  The sunglasses add tothe retro-ness of this style.

Mark =) x

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Can Never Get It!!!!





 I saw this girl in adenim shirt by some computers and then I saw her hair and I couldn’t stopstaring.  There was just so much goingon, in a good way.  From whatever sideyou look at it from, there is something else happening.  It is like a step up from the bed head style…whichI can never achieve.  Usually a soft paste would work pretty well...all you need then, is an imagination.  So why not jump outof bed in the mornings and wash your hair and dry it.  Then mess it all upand give yourself a really creative bed head. Itlooks pretty cool I think.  Go do it and get peoples heads turning!!!

Mark =) x

Thursday, March 24, 2011

When English Lectures Get Boring!!!




You like??  Because, Ilike.  I have mentioned it endlesstimes.  I like things to stand out.  While I was sitting in my English Literaturelecture bored out of my head, my eyes were wandering around the lecture halland they were immediately drawn to this. That was enough of an excuse to get a picture.  The colour is gorgeous.  It is very summery.  I liked this style because it is twodifferent hairstyles merged into one.  Wecan see that it looks like a beehive style but then close up it has theformation of a bun.  Very niceindeed.  Also, I’m a fan of the rootsblending into colour, it gives the style an overall better look.

Mark =) x

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kimberly Wyatt pays Grafton Street a visit???


What???  Well not quite.  From a distance, it was her.  Up close….it’s somebody who is influenced byher.  It was very pleasing to the eye ona sunny morning. 




It was the waves of blonde in the finge that caight my eyeat first.  It was so defined, and thenthe shaved side and the blonde blending into her natural color was a nicetouch.  I think the way that she styledit steps aside from other similar styles because it is defined so well and theshaved side allows the blonde to stand out.

Mark =) x

Monday, March 21, 2011

Get It As French As Possible!!!

Hair is vitally personal to children.  They weepvigorously when it is cut for the first time; no matter how it grows, bushy,straight or curly, they feel they are being shorn of a part of theirpersonality.  ~Charles Chaplin


France….How I love the French culture.  I have never been but I REALLY want togo.  What is not to love about theplace.  You probably seen from myprevious post that I was supporting a very French style.  Their culture is so ELEGANT.  And there is so many different social classesif you like a change, which I do.  And don’tget me started on the ELABORATE MEALS they do be havin.  CHEESE, WINE, one of the BIGGEST fashioncities in the world and a huge supported of the ARTS.  I NEED to live there, at least for a littlewhile.  A person that you would think ata glance is French, he aint, is this man:



John Galliano, former head designer of both top French fashioncompanies: Givenchy and Christian Dior. His designs are nothing short of FABULOUS.  Despite his incredible work, I like him forthe simple reason; he considers hair a part of his designs.  Whether that be head pieces or CRAZYstyles.  One of my last photos caught theeye of a couple of people that kept telling me I looked like him.  Some of us came up with a DIVEOUS PLAN *Evil Laugh*.  I can’t tell you though. 


So, I love the French culture and style so why don’t you tryit out.  But maybe keep the fake facialhair out of it.  Just product your hairand comb it to the side and get it as French as possible.  And if that’s not working for you, get aFRENCH BERET, but make sure you show off some of your French hairstyle as Ilike to call it.  WHY STOP THERE???  Go get yourself and stripy top like the photoabove and if that’s not French enough then get a red scarf and put it on.  You should be feeling pretty French then.  I love the feeling. 

Mark =) x

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Express Yourself!!!!

It’s a passion, and emotion, it’s a fashion, Burlesque.


“Burlesque”, it’sone of my favourite films.  It didn’t dothat well with the critics but they are dopes. It’s a great movie with a hell of a lot of meaning behind it.  We see things like people: not giving up,being urged to express themselves, to feel comfortable with their body, provingpeople wrong, having fun and many, many more. So, seen as it was on my mind all day yesterday and I was home for along weekend I thought that myself and my sister, Chloe, would have a bit offun with hair and make-up and a camera. It proved to be kind of fun.  So,enjoy the craziness of our bond. 


Oh Oui Monsieur!!


Say hello to Mr. Chloe Graham everybody!!

Guuuurl, You WORK it!!!









You Whip That Huur!!!


Look up the French translation for GaGa...


Dont Mess With Us..


Now, go get a camera and have FUN!!!

Mark =) x 

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Defined Rock Chick Look...

A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face. ~ Lycurgus





It was so damn warm in Dublin today and the sun was in myeyes all day.  The sunglasses didn’t helpthat much.  I was glad when I got into abit of shade that I actually spotted this. It was the purple tint on top of the brown that caught my eye.  It goes surprisingly well together.  I would have thought more black and purplebut the brown works.  It is a very ROCKCHICK look.  It is somethingdifferent.  I use to have the one shavedside so I’m glad that somebody else is pulling it off very well.  Also, I LOVE the spikes at the back of thehead.  It is such a defined style.

Mark =) x

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Vibrancy Of Hair Accessories!!!

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in ourhair...  ~Susan Polis Shutz

Firstly,  HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY.  I’ve pretty much spent theday eating the house out of food.  Howhave you spent yours??  Anyway, let’stake a trip back in time.  In theforties, women always had rollers in their hair as they went around thehouse.  But rollers were not veryattractive out in the social light.  Thiswas when headscarf’s came into play. They created a different outlook in the forties.








I thought it was about time I did a piece on hair accessoriesbecause it is the beginning of their renaissance around Dublin.  I like the headscarf look that isemerging.  It gives a fresh look to hairon the streets of Dublin.  As you can seefrom the above pictures, the hair accessories give the hair a more VIBRANT LOOK.  It makes the hair that little bitmore interesting and gives more colour to the overall look. 

In other news, I got bored tonight after a day of organisingall my stuff, so I decided to dye my hair AGAIN.  The usually whitish blonde, you know me, Ihave to stand out.  My hair dyingexperiences are ALWAYS funny and tonight I was worried that my hair was todamaged so I needed to get treatment. Believe it or not, but you have the best hair treatment in your ownhome.  APPARENTLY, the best way torestore all the oils and all that jazz to your hair is to put an EGG init.  Yes, an EGG!!!  So I am now sitting here with an egg in myhair.  Didn’t expect to be doing this ofall things.

Mark =) x
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