Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Bit of a Change Never Hurt Anyone!!!

I am someone who enjoys change, my hairstyles reflect that. ~ Me.



Like the quote said above, I do like change and I thought it was about time that I changed my hair color.  The past couple of days have been very eventful and I am now on a two week break from college so I said why not have a fresh start.  Lets get a new hair color.  I love my blonde hair and dont really stray away from the color, apart from the grey, because any other color never turns out right for me.  This one time I wanted to go brown and it actually ended up ginger so I just figured that blonde is my color.  But grey, pink and purple have worked pretty well for me but anyway.  I NEEDED a new color.

So I am back in the county of Laois for the weekend and said that I would do my hair here.  I put the color in and was to leave it for 25 minutes and I was just playing around on the laptop and went back in 20 minutes and completely FREAKED in front of the mirror because the color was nothing like the one I wanted.  It looked like it was another disaster.  So I washed my hair 3 times and put in mams "SPECIAL" conditioner and well, it didn't turn out half bad.



I told you I find it hard to stray from blonde.  Blame my skin tone.  I thought it was ginger at first so I kept washing it until my mam told me it wasn't actually ginger.  I didn't want to achieve ginger, but ash blonde.  I like it for the change and of course, the new start.  So...come on people, find any excuse and get out there and change your hair color.  Its nice to look at SOMETHING DIFFERENT in the mirror.  

Mark =) x

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