Friday, March 18, 2011

A Defined Rock Chick Look...

A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face. ~ Lycurgus





It was so damn warm in Dublin today and the sun was in myeyes all day.  The sunglasses didn’t helpthat much.  I was glad when I got into abit of shade that I actually spotted this. It was the purple tint on top of the brown that caught my eye.  It goes surprisingly well together.  I would have thought more black and purplebut the brown works.  It is a very ROCKCHICK look.  It is somethingdifferent.  I use to have the one shavedside so I’m glad that somebody else is pulling it off very well.  Also, I LOVE the spikes at the back of thehead.  It is such a defined style.

Mark =) x

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