Monday, March 21, 2011

Get It As French As Possible!!!

Hair is vitally personal to children.  They weepvigorously when it is cut for the first time; no matter how it grows, bushy,straight or curly, they feel they are being shorn of a part of theirpersonality.  ~Charles Chaplin


France….How I love the French culture.  I have never been but I REALLY want togo.  What is not to love about theplace.  You probably seen from myprevious post that I was supporting a very French style.  Their culture is so ELEGANT.  And there is so many different social classesif you like a change, which I do.  And don’tget me started on the ELABORATE MEALS they do be havin.  CHEESE, WINE, one of the BIGGEST fashioncities in the world and a huge supported of the ARTS.  I NEED to live there, at least for a littlewhile.  A person that you would think ata glance is French, he aint, is this man:



John Galliano, former head designer of both top French fashioncompanies: Givenchy and Christian Dior. His designs are nothing short of FABULOUS.  Despite his incredible work, I like him forthe simple reason; he considers hair a part of his designs.  Whether that be head pieces or CRAZYstyles.  One of my last photos caught theeye of a couple of people that kept telling me I looked like him.  Some of us came up with a DIVEOUS PLAN *Evil Laugh*.  I can’t tell you though. 


So, I love the French culture and style so why don’t you tryit out.  But maybe keep the fake facialhair out of it.  Just product your hairand comb it to the side and get it as French as possible.  And if that’s not working for you, get aFRENCH BERET, but make sure you show off some of your French hairstyle as Ilike to call it.  WHY STOP THERE???  Go get yourself and stripy top like the photoabove and if that’s not French enough then get a red scarf and put it on.  You should be feeling pretty French then.  I love the feeling. 

Mark =) x

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