Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Queen of Pinups…




Jet black hair, blue eyes and bangs which has become hertrademark, Bettie Page has influenced many artists and people as I sawtoday.  Becoming a model because you hada fetish for it is pretty impressive and then becoming the queen of pinups…Iwould say she is quite a successful lady and role model.



The image of Bettie Page right???  I love that her blunt fringe and red hairbandadd to the likability of her image.  Hermake up reminds me of “Moulin Rouge” in a minimalistic way.  Also, the Red hairband works so well with thejet black hair.  Apart from looking likeBettie Page, see also looks like Liv Tyler from the “Lord Of The Rings”, sheshould be proud.

Mark =) x

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