Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She Is A Bad Influence...

Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.  ~Jean Cocteau

Its a pretty nasty quote eh?  I was shocked when I read it.  But the only reason I put it up is because of Leona Lewis's new hair.  I respect that people like to go for a change.  I have encourgaged it, but when it does not turn out right or does not suit you,  I would expect you to change it straight away to satisfy yourself.  To be honest, I do not move away from the mirror in the morning unless I am a small bit happy with what I have done with my hair, and I bet a lot of you guys are the same.  Am I right??  We all know Leona Lewis.  The quite girl that came onto the X Factor and won and then became a popstar that was recognised worldwide.  Pretty impressive eh?  Lets take a look at her new style.

Me personally, I dont think it suits her.  I dont think it does anything for her.  She just isn't Leona Lewis with this kind of hair.  She had not got the facial structure for this kind of hair.  The fringe makes her face look bigger and its just all wrong.  I was shocked when I seen this.  This was before the Grammys, so obviously she noticed that it was doing nothing for her because she came back with this at the Grammys.

This is so much better.  It shows off her incredible looks and it gives her more of a presence.  The straight hair did not make her stand out in the crowd, whereas this does.  I think she was influenced into getting the straight hair.  She has nearly cracked America and has been spending a lot of time over there and the recent pop star to come onto the scene has been, Nicki Minaj.  

Can you see the similarities in the fringe and the long straightened hair??  Im not a huge fan of Nicki so im not going to say that much about her.  Her hair has influenced Leona and also, Lady GaGa has been influenced on the recent cover of Bliss Magazine.  Nicki Minaj has been getting a lot of attention so I can see why others want to try out her styles.  

So what am I really getting at??  I am saying that by all means go copy peoples hairstyles, but make them your own.  Sit down with your hair and mess and make it yours.  Dont do a Leona and go out in public with bad hair.  Make sure that it gives you a presence in the room.  Im a sucker for the volume so why not try that.  Or go for a vintage look??  

Mark =) x

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