Monday, April 4, 2011

The First Of Three From Thinkhouse...





Ebay launched there first online fashion week in Irelandlast week and I was there all week to show my support for their efforts.  Thinkhouse helped launch the cause and I wasvery happy I went because they were great talks and I also happened to findsome people to take pictures of so it was win win. 

Above is the beautiful Angela Scanlon.  If you have no heard of her you should beashamed.  Click on her name and check outher fabulous blog.  I liked this stylebecause it is a very autumn/winter kind of style.  It works because not many people go for an autumn/winterstyle in the spring/summer, so not that many have it, making it moreattractive.  It is just a simple style,so my advice is to go and get any style that is usually used in the later partsof the year and make it your own this summer. You know all the hair ads tell you you’re worth it.

Mark =) x

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