Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Slickness Of The 1950s!!!




So the second of the Thinkhouse trio.  Of course it is the Fabulous James O’Neill.  This guy never fails to surprise me.  I will give you an example: his hair stylisthas worked with the likes of Kate Moss. Kind of amazing right??  I took ashine to this because (1) it is an undercut and (2) it is cut very well.  Haircuts are always look better when they arecut right and an undercut must be done right or it just looks a shambles.  This one stands out because it reminds me ofthe undercuts from the 1950s.  There isno extra colour included and then there are also curls.  It is a very slick style from the 50s thatscreams “Don’t mess with me” and I think his facial expression above says thatlet alone his hair.  Oh and by the way…megoing completely blonde in the last post was James’ idea.  He told me I should do a very slick style sothank you for the advice. 

Mark =) x

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