Monday, April 11, 2011

This One Speaks For Itself...






I passed this lady on the street and I looked back at herand her hair was so damn bouncy.  ClearlyI had ran after her (despite the fact that I was jingling like a Christmas treewith all the things I had in my bag). She just got her hair done so that explains the bounciness.  I love the color of her hair.  It is so vibrant and it is reallyoutstanding.  It keeps growing on me everytime I look at it.  The style was a realhead turner so I was very impressed.   Iwas talking to her for ages and we had such an in depth conversation aboutfashion, hair, make-up…everything.  Itwas crazy but lovely.  We eventually gotaround to names and well who is she??  Itwould be Faye Dinsmore.  I suspect that Ido not have to link you. 

In other news people, I want to thank all you guys forviewing my blog.  This blog stood to mein my college last week.  I got electedhead of hair and make-up in the UCD fashion society.  They all loved my blog and I just wanted tosay thank you for reading.  Also, becauseof my obsession with hair, I got asked to style the hair and make-up and helpout with the clothes and take the photos for UCD’s Next Top Model so keepreading because I will be uploading some of my best pictures of what I havebeen doing. 

Mark =) x

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