Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trying Something Different...







Extra brownie points for Ciara for matching the cream bow tothe cream dress.  It just shows thatpeople care what about what they are wearing when they are dressed nicely.  I like this hair style because it reminds me of “P!nk”.  Not the hair color but once upon a time "P!nk" had the side fringe and the mow-hawked back. It’s a style that gives you so much to look at, and the already know that I like them from the last post.  Ciara doesn’t usually do the mow-hawk at theback…but it was something different for her and she pulled it off incrediblywell.  So…try something different??  It is just about summer after all.  Send me your pictures and I will try andsuggest something.

Mark =) x

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