Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking For That Summer Feel...






Happy Monday people.  Exams are over and summer is starting and we are back.  We decided since its summer and all that we would try and give a more summery feel to the blog so my friend and I took photos as you've seen.  What do you think of the new layout?  Do you like the colors? Im still on edge about them.  Would you rather one of the other pictures?  Oh and my hair,  I had to cut it up.  Sad face.  Procrastination during exam time does not mean that you go dye your hair.  I got bored and I put a whole load of stuff into my hair and I kind of forgot about them and I burnt a patch of hair off so I had to cut it.  Please read the instructions from the products company.  Do you guys like it?  Oh and I also want to say thank you to Ciara.


Ciara took the photos of me.  Oh and do you like her tattoo?  We got ours together when I got mine. 


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