Thursday, June 9, 2011






There is such a mysterious feel to this look.  The Asian culture is really grabbing my attention at the moment and this is no different.  The black flower give off the vibe of dark and mysterious while the curls along with the black flower remind me of the "Black Swan".  

In other news, I am sorry for my absence but it is about to be extended.  But first I want to thank all you people for viewing my blog.  Thank you for all your comments and all your emails, I appreciate it dearly.  You have made this blog exceed way above my expectations so thank you.  I moved away from home yesterday so I am now living on my own and completely independent.  *screams with excitement and fear*.

But, "There's Glitter In Your Hair" is going on a summer vacation for a little while.  I feel that because I'm working so much that it is a chore to do the blog and I don't want it to feel like that so it is time for a break.  There is a long list of things why I am stopping for the moment but I don't want to bore you because I've already said to much.  But I hope that when I get back that you will all be here to read it again.

Mark  =) x

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not The Usual Blonde...





I know people who would kill for hair this length.  But thats not what caught my attention.  At first glance it just seemed like a beautiful long haired blonde.  The brown strips of hair fascinated me.  I startled her at first but I eventually learned that they are extensions done by an African woman.  Even though its minimum, this kind of creativity by the Africa culture excites me.  

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