Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do We Really Have To Wait Till We Are Older To Have Grey Hair???

Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.  ~Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985

A couple of weeks ago I got my hair bleached blonde and was told to put Fanci-Full tinter in it to whiten it up but then I bought the wrong tinter so my hair turned grey and I loved it so I said I would bleach it grey.  I seen Lady GaGa's Vanity Fair photo shoot and her grey hair was amazing and I was incredibly jealous.  I couldn't believe how grey she got it.  

Now to me trying to get grey.  I bleached it blonde again to lighten up the blonde so the grey would stick better.  Left that on for about 30 minutes and then but the grey in next and left that in for about another 30 minutes but it didn't turn out grey AT ALL!!!! It was more like this:

I was SHOCKED and didn't know what to do so we bleached it again until I turned basically ginger and then we said that we would try another bleach and see.  We then put silver over the ginger-ish blonde.  The silver would either turn my hair the grey I wanted or just Lighten up my hair color to a very nice blonde.  It was VERY nerve wrecking.  It ended up making it blonder.  So I found out the hard way that grey cannot be achieved in a hairdressers.  Its next to impossible for a hairdressers.  But as of last night I found a girl who proved this theory wrong.

I caught up with her just before I walked into the Twisted Pepper to have an AMAZING night.  Her hair is so interesting and gorgeous.  I love the flick to the side with the fringe and also the waviness going through it.  Wait for it....she got the grey done in the hairdressers.  I like everything about her image here.  It suits her very well.  

I have my hair grey now but that is only because of this stuff:

Fanci-Full is a wash in, wash out color rinse.  It is actually amazing.  Id recommend the mouse one instead of the liquid one, it takes better to the hair.  But these products only seem to take to light colored hair and not dark.  It was to much effort coloring my hair everyday so today I shaved off my sides to bring back my undercut which I much prefer.  For now...I say goodbye!!  Hope you enjoyed.  

Mark =) x

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