Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Of Many Obsessions!!!

Hairstyles.....God I love them!!  Anybody who knows me knows that.  I love experimenting with hair, like I get so excited like a little kid on Christmas morning when I see a really cool hairstyle.  But what I find really interesting is where all these hairstyles come from and what intriguing hairstyles some celebrities have. One icon comes to mind.  She doesn't care what people make of her and she has the most interesting outfits and has the hair to go with it.  Of course it is Lady GaGa!!! This is one of my favorite by her.  Its not as wacky as her usual stuff but I love the way she ran the purple through the blonde and the height she put in it....AMAZING!!!!

Lady GaGa seems to just make her own fashionable style and not take it from anybody else which makes her so UNIQUE.  Not that there is anything wrong with taking hairstyles from other people or taking ideas from their hair, cause lets face it....we have all done it and people are still doing it....especially celebrities.  Two Legends that who A LOT of hairstyles today have come from are Marilyn Monroe and James Dean!!!  

Marilyn Monroe....what a legend she is.....

She has influenced so many celebrities today it is unreal.  Everybody loves Marylin Monroe's style and people have not only tried to recreate her style but also her hairstyle.  Katherine Heigl recreates Monroe's hairstyle very well but the likes of Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera have also taken ideas from her and even Rihanna has been influenced.  

James Dean being a hugely famous actor of his time and still today has been a HUGE influence on mens hairstyles today.  It is almost like his hairstyles are the roots for MANY today.  

Like Monroe, James Dean's hairstyle has been taken and changed a bit but ultimately the roots of his hairstyle remain.  James Dean's quiff and messed up hair was clearly taken by most famously Brad Pitt, George Clooney has also been influenced and also the non High School Musical Zac Efron has also idolized his hair. But it doesn't stop there....Gossip Girl's bad boy Ed Westwick and Twilights Robert Pattinson have also made Dean's hairstyle more modern.  

Then there is P!NK......

She always has a new hairstyle and none of them fail to entertain and maybe thats bias cause im such a huge fan but honestly...do they ever fail to impress you?  It is P!nk who I take after with my hair.  I love to put new colors in it.  From Blonde, to pink to purple and now to a white but not as white as P!nk's in the photo above unfortunately but im working on it.  

Well there you go....you now know about my obsession with hair.  See y'all later and thanks for coming this far.

Mark =) x

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