Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling Frustrated or Stressed???

Long, beautiful, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen... I adore hair!  ~James Rado and Gerome Ragni, Hair.

The title raised the question, so are you feeling frustrated or stressed?  Or maybe BOTH??  They are two feelings that I personally would represent with pregnancy for example.  I say pregnancy because I have been watching some pregnant celebrities lately which I will show you in a few minutes.  Obviously Ive never been pregnant but I know people who were and are and what seems to come with pregnancy is frustration and stress which is completely normal.  Usually women care more for their pregnancy which is being responsible and again completely normal, this is why I was aw'ed by the celebrities who made a effort with their hair and how well they looked.  

We see here that Victoria Beckham, who is due this summer, went for quiet a simple hairstyle by pinning her hair back which gave more definition to her face and then with the cut in the leg of her dress, the pregnancy was hidden very well.  

Again, the pregnancy is hidden but apart from that P!nk is herself as we see she has obtained a new hairstyle which is a regular occurrence for her.  I adore her grey hair and the rise in her hair and then the flick over to the side.  Not a simple hairstyle to achieve so well done P!nk.

Amanda Holden has went for a simple style most likely achieved with a straightener and mouse.  It is one of her trademark styles and it suits her face very well.

Holly Willoughby...This lady never looks bad.  She always looks beautiful.  This dress is amazing for her but the hair completes it.  The simpleness is perfected.  The curls at the ends are gorgeous and her hair color is incredibly nice.  

Natalie Portman looks absolutely INCREDIBLE in this photo.  Her hair is similar to P!nk's but with less of a rise and she also has it tided in a bun at the back.  It is a very attractive style achieved with mouse and a couple of hair pins to keep it in place.  

SO.....If your not pregnant or are and your frustrated and stressed why not do something with your hair that makes you feel good about yourself?  Get it cut?  Put color in it?  Style it differently?  Take a straightener or curler to it?  Do something different and keep doing it until you find something that is gonna make you feel better about yourself.  

What style makes YOU feel better about yourself??


In the video we see how amazing P!nk looks and what the girl does to make her feel better about herself concerning her hair.  But the video is not about that.  It is truly AMAZING!!!!  Hope you guys enjoyed the entry!!

Mark =) x

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