Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Of The Wind And Rain???

I definitely do like change. I don't know if my hairstyles reflect that, but I don't like the same old thing all the time. 
Cobi Jones. 

Is anybody else praying that we dont get weather like we got today?  Both wind and rain together is horrible. I love them both when im trying to get to sleep and can hear them hitting off the window, but when im walking in it....not so much.  I walked out of my house today to go to college and I turned right back around because I could not stick it.  They dont do well for your hair, even if you used half the can of hairspray on it.  

The weather got me thinking.  Seen as the rain is going to ruin anything you have done, why not where is flat? As a guy, I cant really pull off the flat hair look but other guys do it very well.  And sure if your gonna attempt a new look like this, why not add a bit of stubble into the equation to make you look even better.  

This is the kind of image that I associate with this weather.  It just seems more fitting to wind and rain.  Gives off a nearly nice rough-led hair look.  Hugh Dancy, best known for his role in Confessions Of A Shopaholic,  is very suited to this image.  

BUT.....I rather Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl.  

I always loved his hair.  Im very jealous of it.  He pulls off the tousled top (Textured with a razor) so well.  Wanna know how to do it??  

So you need to wash your hair, shampoo, condition, the whole lot.  Then towel dry it, but leave it kind of damp.  You can then get some styling product, I would not recommend gel.  Use something that is not going to make your hair look to wet.  Then, put the product in your hair beginning at your roots and working your way up.  When you have done this, blow dry your hair forward WHILE styling it to give it a tousled effect.  After that, just add some hairspray to hold the style and BAM...you might just look like Chace Crawford.  And you dont have to worry about your hair staying up the way you styled it.  Thanks for reading peeps.  

Mark =) x

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