Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rapunzel Had A Twin???





We all know what Rapunzel looks like don’t we??  Long blonde, wavy, curly hair??  Remember?? This is like Rapunzel’s evil twin. But you wouldn’t think so judging by her personality.   This is the final of the Thinkhousetrio.  Last, but certainly notleast.  This hairstyle stuck in my headall day.  It was so long andbeautiful.  A picture just had to betaken.  I like the way that it is sonaturally curly and wavy.  That makes alot of people jealous, including me. Also, the blonde/brown highlighted ends work into the colour sowell.  It is the kind of style that willmake up sit up and notice her presence. So, why don’t you style your hair in a way that it will give you a greatpresence??

Mark =) x

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