Friday, April 29, 2011

One Of Ireland's Top Street Stylists...




Do you know her? It’s Cathy O'Connor.  She is like one of Ireland’s top streetstylists.  We had such a greatconversation about her amazing shoes. The heel on them is just so different. I obsessed about them and she just kept building them up.  Kind of wanted a pair myself after shefinished taking about them.  Well, Iwanted her outfit but anyway.  Onto herhair.  I really liked her white strip ofhair.  It was like your one from X-Men (Ican’t remember her name).  Cathy’s hairjust suddenly went like this.  I justlost the pigment just like that.  When Iheard of this, she heard all about my jealousy and my want for white or greyhair.  Anyway, I’m waffling.  This is quite an elegant look but the whitestrip adds something new, it makes her look that bit more important.

Mark =) x

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