Thursday, March 3, 2011

Add Some Definition To Your Hair...

Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem.  Most things are judged by their appearance.




So what have we got here?  Stephen Moloney from Stiches, Fabric and Soul.  He was nice enough to let me cut his hair.  This was my second time cutting someones hair.  The first time unfortunately I forgot to take the before and after photos.  But just for the record, it was an undercut and then cut on top and thinned out, it happened to be just what he wanted.  But I couldn't make the same mistake twice.  His hair is really nice and I'm jealous of the curls but I thought it needed something else.  He came up with the idea of the V-cut himself but I followed through with it. 




The V-cut gives his hair a lot more definition.  Before the cut, his hair was all one and there was not really anything standing out and there is nothing wrong with that.  But as you have probably noticed, I like peoples hair to stand out.  The shaved V along with the huge amount of hair on top gives the eye a lot to look at and it also gives him a lot to mess and style whatever way he wants without worrying about the sides.  I like the way that this style allows you style the back aswell, giving you and full head of definition.  

Stephen doesn't only do a pretty good blog, he also does photography.  As you know, I was recently involved in the UCD Fashion Show and I really want to get involved in some aspect of fashion.  Might that be modelling or hair modelling or any other part.  But I had my first photo shoot done by Stephen and of course me being me, I'm never impressed by photos of myself but let me know what your thoughts are before I do my second one.





Mark =) x

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